Handmade Pixel Art – How To Draw Kawaii Penguin #pixelart – YouTube

Handmade Pixel Art – How To Draw Kawaii Penguin #pixelart – YouTube

Handmade Pixel Art – How To Draw Kawaii Penguin #pixelart – YouTube

The Best Ways to Wear Turtlenecks for Warmth and Fashion

People who grow up in the ’80s or early ’90s will remember turtlenecks. The ’80s clothing staple is good for a colder weather, like during winter or the end of fall. Today, the fashion item is making a come back. Many people and fashion celebrities have started reintroducing turtlenecks. If you think that people who wear turtlenecks look goofy like the awkward ’80s movies or music videos, think again. There are a lot of of interesting ways to wear turtlenecks in this modern age, here are some of the best ideas to adopt.

With a summer dress underneath

Summer dressSource: gurl

Your summer dress can work for a colder weather when you use it on top of a thin turtleneck top. You get both the warmth and the style.

With a bold-colored coat

Turtleneck bold coatSource: purewow

Got the winter blues? Fight it by making everything less gloomy: starting from your fashion! Wear turtlenecks with neon or other bright colored coats to make it happen. This will brighten up even the grayest winter day.

With a bomber jacket

Bomber jacketSource: lookbook

Bomber jackets, skinny jeans, and boots are the what make the formula of a foolproof way to wear turtlenecks. The style never fail anyone. This is the easiest way to look cool in cold weather.

With dark skinny jeans

Turtleneck and jeansSource: lookbook

Not keen on layering up? Pairing your turtleneck with dark skinny jeans works just fine. In fact, the classic combination is easy and very effective at giving you warmth and comfort when you’re aiming for the cool casual look. Complete the look with sneakers or other closed-toe shoes.

With a moto jacket

Turtleneck and moto jacketSource: purewow

Take your style to a whole new level by getting a moto jacket to wear with your turtle neck sweater. While many people wear turtlenecks to look proper and preppy, this style combination makes you look cool and tough. Add a mini skirt to sweeten it up a little.

With a mini skirt

Turtleneck and skirtSource: katiecassman

Make your turtleneck look sweet and chic by wearing it with a mini skirt. This is one of the easiest ways to wear turtlenecks to work or other formal settings. You can complete it with various footwear that suits the atmosphere of where you’re going.

With a trench coat

Turtleneck and trench coatSource: purewow

Trench coats are timeless, so it is just logical to pair it with a classic piece that never becomes outdated: a turtleneck top. Look at this combination that is made perfect with a pair of velvet booties. So adorable!

With a maxi skirt

Turtleneck and maxi skirtSource: pinterest

A turtleneck top also looks great with a maxi skirt. Don’t forget to wear the boots to stay warm, this is the perfect fall outfit for every woman.

With a scarf

Turtleneck and scarfSource: kissmedarlingblog

When it starts getting really chilly and you just don’t want to wear your winter coats yet, you can wear turtlenecks with oversized scarfs, beanies, and boots. Stay warm but fashionable this way!

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